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The Story Whose Name Shall not be Spoken

No, not because it’s cursed or because it’ll bring about the end of day but simply because, it doesn’t have a name. That’s my novel right now. I began this story during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) November 1st and told myself, as the story develops, the story will name itself. Well it hasn’t, and neither have I.

Thinking about a name for my story has been as involved as plotting out the story itself. In a sense it’s more difficult than actually writing the story. A short, catchy name that identifies your story while making a reader want to read it. An air of mystery an intrigue that draws the reader in. Easy? No. At least it hasn’t been for me. As I polish the story and edit it and continue to round out my characters we’ll see what happens. I’m calling on all the noveling deities (and friends) to bless my musings with a name or at least make suggestions. Wish me luck! (yes, noveling is a word. Now.) 🙂


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