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The Gift

“We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.” -Helen Keller

This brilliant soul also said that “at first I only knew darkness and stillness that my life was without past or future”. Then something wonderful happened; someone gave her a gift, the gift of words spoken and they literally reverberated through her very soul; awakening in her an insatiable zest for learning and creating that’s still very potent. Her life and success is an inspiration and an example, a recipe if you will, of how to make the most out of this cruel and beautiful life with the tools you’ve been given.

Staring at my blank page I look at it and imagine some undiscovered musical score keeping time with an impatient cursor, rushing me and begging me to fill it, to give it body. I want to give the world the humble gift of my words even if no one else reads them they’re now a part of the universe. I wish to place my heart on paper with every crack and blemish smashed burnished and unmistakable. For every word I didn’t say at the moments when they could have been voiced, there will be a requiem taking with them the rejection, denial and hurt; so that both they and I can have peace.


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