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Unfinished Business (Blogposts)


Just wondering, how many of you have unfinished blog posts out there? I start it with gusto then when it’s time to hit the post button, I can’t do it. Me? I’m currently on number eight. They’re sitting unfinished and some even now irrelevant in content. Yet I don’t have the heart to delete it forever. For example: I started a post called “Why I never Believed in Santa Clause”; in January that seems a bit… I don’t know.. not interesting? Would anyone even be interested in reading something like that in January or any other time of the year besides Christmas? Feel free to comment below either way. You won’t hurt my feelings.

The content about my story; I haven’t had the nerve yet to do a WIP even though all the other WIPers are very open and smart and thoughtful. Anxiety much? Yeah that’s me. This post almost became archived, unfinished number nine. Anyone with any advice at all on how they overcame or are coping with the anxiety surrounding sharing their writing, it would be greatly appreciated. Please share, liberally. Thanks in advance.


8 thoughts on “Unfinished Business (Blogposts)

  1. I take it with a grain of salt and look it as a journal of my writing. And hopefully over the course of years I’ll improve. Its always funny to me to see my before and now style of writing. Makes me feel awesome when I improve by ten folds. 😊

  2. Unless I’m promoting my book, I have trouble focusing my thoughts onto a specific topic to post about. So I chose seven topics that I’m most interested in and assigned them to a day of the week. I’m not saying I post everyday; but when it is time to post, I have an easy way to decide what to post about.

    I’m not sure how actively social you are, but I have noticed an increase in my blogs’ stats since I’ve been more social: reading, liking, commenting on other blogs that match my interests.

    Also write what you want to write. Not everyone is going to be interested or even like it, and that’s ok. You’ll find and connect with those that do.

    • That’s brilliant advice! Thank you!! I try to share the love on other folks blogs, it’s a real challenge having the time to sit down and read them all.. you guys are awesomely chatty sometimes. I love it but it’s hard to keep up. LOL

  3. Don’t think of them as irrelevant. They are backlog. There will be times when you don’t have the time or energy to write a post. Now you have some drafts to fall back on. Look, you even have one for Christmas this year! As for anxiety over sharing your work, I went through that too. I still feel that way at times, but it gets easier. The first rough draft I ever posted freaked me out so badly!! The second one was just as scary but I did it. The third one, I was a little nervous. Fourth, piece of cake! I posted them stating they were rough drafts so no one was expecting a masterpiece and that helped. Now I post stuff all the time, even if I worry about it at times.

    • Thanks for that. I hadn’t really thought of them as “fallback” post. lol As for the criticism? If I can live with being criticized out in the world, I suppose I can live with my writing being criticized too. I’ll say though, the writing is different. Me? I didn’t create myself, I’m just here and making the best of this life that I can. The writing, I created that so, I guess I’m a bit sensitive. 🙂 Great advice.

    • Ha! I don’t feel so bad now. I kinda see my characters as being in a sort of literary suspension hovering over the last task that I them perform before shelving the story. lol

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