Unfinished Business (Blogposts)


Just wondering, how many of you have unfinished blog posts out there? I start it with gusto then when it’s time to hit the post button, I can’t do it. Me? I’m currently on number eight. They’re sitting unfinished and some even now irrelevant in content. Yet I don’t have the heart to delete it forever. For example: I started a post called “Why I never Believed in Santa Clause”; in January that seems a bit… I don’t know.. not interesting? Would anyone even be interested in reading something like that in January or any other time of the year besides Christmas? Feel free to comment below either way. You won’t hurt my feelings.

The content about my story; I haven’t had the nerve yet to do a WIP even though all the other WIPers are very open and smart and thoughtful. Anxiety much? Yeah that’s me. This post almost became archived, unfinished number nine. Anyone with any advice at all on how they overcame or are coping with the anxiety surrounding sharing their writing, it would be greatly appreciated. Please share, liberally. Thanks in advance.